About KJ Martin

KJ Martin is the author of The Troll’s Eye (in progress), a fast-paced, upper middle grade fantasy fiction novel series. She is a writing workshop presenter, artist, Norwegian waffle maker, and oral storyteller. She can be found most days writing in her little 8′ x 10′ “Story Shack” (see pic below).

KJ Martin is passionate about gender inclusion and advocates for readers of all ages with neurobehavioral differences such as dyslexia and ADHD. She grew up with her Norwegian grandmother telling troll stories before bedtime and enjoys spending time with her husband, twins, and lab puppy Freya, exploring the outdoor gems that surround her hometown of Bend, Oregon.

Always the rebel, KJ Martin selects ‘character influencers for the main characters in each of her novels. These are young adults and teens who help inform the culture, identity, and interests of specific characters in each novel. Popular story themes include action, gaming, family relationships, Norse mythology, adventure travel, trolls, monsters, virtual reality, friendship, and nature.

Troll Statue Geilo, Norway
“Story Shack” KJ’s Writing Cabin

Past Writing Workshop Presentations:

June 2021 Fine Lines Summer Creative Writing Camp

Workshop Presentation Series: A New Author’s Guide to Writing Your First Draft by KJ Martin


January 2022 Fine Lines Twisted Tree Conference

Presentation: The Tree of the World and the Cyclical Nature of Writing by KJ Martin


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