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It would be an understatement to say that we are an outdoor family. Since the twins were two weeks old, we’ve adventured into the wild with them. Every weekend in the Martin household includes a final weather check (or two) as we pack for the next family trip. The twins often groan as we give them their screen time limit, but once they are on the trail or the slopes (with a small bag of trail candy bribery in pockets, I’ll be honest), and they cross that first stream or whip out their camera to take a pic of a curious chipmunk, it’s game on in the outdoors – and THAT is where the magic happens. I’ve put together a starter list of outdoor resource links for families below. Feel free to add your own ‘WTF’ insights on my CONTACT page and I’ll share them with everyone.

NORWAY 2022 RESEARCH TRIP (June 25 – July 8)

We did it! Brad and I took the twins on their very first international trip and they were amazing travelers! I’m so proud. We undertook a fast-paced adventure with heavy travel connections to backpack into Hardangervidda National Park (Liset – Vivelid – Stavali – Kinsarvik) over five days. I was able to observe teenage/sibling banter along the journey as well as make note of what they found interesting along the way. We also spent four days in Arendal, Norway on the island of Tromoy in the home on the water where my Norwegian grandmother was born. This house and surrounding terrain is also the inspiration for the starting location of the first book.

Here are a few pics from our travels:

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